Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald



Analytical. That doesn’t even begin to explain it. I’ve always looked for a better way to do a task. Jobs that do not include that level of creativity, the ability to improve what is not working 100% efficient, is not for me. My background started in retail sales. I started selling cellular phones out of a mail kiosk three days after September 11, 2001. The ability to help people get a phone, that sense of security – and for many it was their first cell phone ever; it was so rewarding! As the years went on I worked with various managers, regional directors, etc., and found myself consistently being asked to take a lead role. And that’s where things fell apart. I’m great a coaching, developing people, products and process, but I’m not the greatest people manager. I work well on a team. After I just could not stand the thought of working an open to close shift in a mall, on a “Black Friday”, I decided a new path. A friend of mine connected me with a new website start-up company. I was an Account Executive selling virtual services to real estate agents. I quickly learned it was not for me, but I loved real estate and the thought of helping people. Thus begun my mortgage career. I joined the mortgage business in 2007 … need I say more. I was actually rather successful, and really enjoyed learning all the rules and regulations of the mortgage business. It was then that I started to find affordable ways to market myself online – competing with the big, multi-billion dollar companies became my obsession. Within a few weeks I was seeing top place rankings for my website. But the phone wasn’t ringing… what not? A friend of mine delicately let me know it was because of my website… “it sucks!”, he said. It was then I realized where the long road was leading to – doing what I do best, helping business owners managing their online marketing strategy; so they can do what they do best, run their business!

My Skills

Website Strategy is essentially the master marketing plan; where online and offline marketing come together! Search Engine Optmization is only a part of the strategy. Started working in the space in 2006 at start-up Social Media, another essential part of the puzzle. Versed, but not an expert.


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