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Brian MacDonald




Analytical, doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’ve always looked for a different way to tackle a task. Not out of laziness, but out of curiosity about whether there was a different, or better, way to do it.

My background
At 14, I thought school was boring and would skip school a lot. School was too slow and over time I realized, I didn’t think like everyone else, so I didn’t learn like everyone else. Since I didn’t go to school much, my folks thought I needed to get a job and figured a few weeks at a fruit packing company should do. Well, a few days there and I started making suggestions to improve the processes. A few days later I was training the new hires. The owner thanked me and told me, I needed to go back to school.

It wasn’t until September 15, 2001 that really started a career path – I started in retail sales. Following 9/11 – I was that guy “FREE PHONE?” “WANT A FREE PHONE?”, I’m sorry. But it was a great tactic, it was a business taught me a ton about myself, about people, about sales, and about motivation. My service provided people with a sense of security – for many it was their first cell phone – it was rewarding! For a while.

It was fun coaching, developing people, learning products and process. However, retail hours are not family friendly, and my employees are typically teenagers and they were not reliable, and in some cases, not trustworthy.

In 2006, I joined a website start-up company – the same day they were bought by a NYC Media company for over $25 million.  My role was Account Executive – selling advertising to real estate agents and property managers in Western Texas and New Mexico – two places I had never been to, but we sold first position on the search engines. That’s where it began!

March 2007, I joined the mortgage business … need I say more? I was successful learning all the rules and regulations of the mortgage business, and how to do it correctly – but I could see there wasn’t a future in it for me. In 2009, I left the firm I was with to start my own mortgage branch, while attending school for website design.

It was then that I realized how difficult it was to market myself online. Competing with the big, multi-billion dollar mortgage companies, advertising across the nation, seemed impossible. Yet, because I was local, it only seemed right, in my opinion, that I should be able to rank. But I wasn’t going to make a living figuring it out while doing mortgages. That’s when I met Dave… and SEO became my obsession.

My Skills

A Website Strategy is essentially a part the Master Marketing Plan – this is where all online and offline strategies come together! Search Engine Optimization is only a part of the total strategy.

As early as 2006, I start saw the power of SEO when the company I was working for in the web advertising space, where we were leveraging the power of quality SEO at the start-up, was sold $25M+.

A solid Social Media Strategy is another essential part of the puzzle – I am versed and knowledgeable, but not a Social Media expert.


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