Dave Curtis

dave curtis



Who am I… Well, to understand “who I am” and what motivates me, I must first take you back to the beginning. I started out painting and drawing but soon realized that I was going to starve. This meant I needed to tweak my field of study. With this new revelation,  I started to study graphic design at Pikes Peak Community College and Colorado Technical University. I now have a Bachelors degree in Digital Media.

Fresh out of getting my AA from Pikes Peak I got a job as an In-house Graphic Designer. I then moved on to be Art Director for a local magazine. During this time I met the person that would become my next employer and started working for him at Q2 Interactive Media. This was a great job and where I really started learning a lot about the digital world. Q2 was eventually sold to another company and was renamed Power Plant Media. I feel that some of my best work was created during this time. After the owners of Power Plant decided they bit off more than they could chew, they closed it down. This is when Motivate Creative was born!

I live my life always striving to push the limits of design whenever I can. When I’m not designing something I try to get outside or go to the gym to run. I also enjoy snowboarding, golf, cooking and drinking the great beers Colorado has to offer.

My Skills

Over the years I have learned many skills to help push my work to the top. This involved a lot of out-of-box thinking and trial and error. It is only through my passion for my craft that these skills can be achieved. No one is just going to hand you the skills to succeed, you must seek them out and work hard to learn.


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