Website Design

website Design

What does the term ‘website design’ mean these days?

It seems like the definition is ever-changing.


Wikipedia defines website design (Why Wikipedia? Because it is peer authored and reviewed. It’s most likely to have the most common accepted definition.) as:

“Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.”

When we say “Website Design” we are referring to:

graphic design

Graphic Design

The look and feel to a site. This includes the graphic and photography style, layout and font choices etc.

website interface design

Website interface design

The layout and the way the visitor interacts with the site. This is planned out in advance so that it aligns with the goals of the site.

content authoring

Content (authoring)

The words on the page. Content is usually authored by you, but we can provide content, just ask us what it takes to do so!

website user experience

User experience design

How the site works together to help navigate the site visitor where they want to go.

All built on a standardized framework (WordPress) and optimized to be search engine friendly (different than ongoing search engine optimization).

Motivate Creative logo mark

Motivate Creative defines Website Design as Website Strategy – a blueprint to web success. Everything about the design, the interface, the content, etc. must adhere to a strategy! Color choices, font choices, conversion element placement, etc. – it all works best when there’s a central strategy.

This is not a hobby for us…it’s what we do

Website design is also about keeping up technically – technical design elements, technical code elements, meta data, etc. As well as keeping up to date with design trends: parallax website designs, medical & dental themed website designs, etc.

The main difference people SEE is the design. So, what is the difference between designs? The obvious answer is: “That depends on perspective!” That’s true. But the only perspective that really matters is that of your prospective customers!

What is the difference between you and the next guy?

We have the experience necessary to optimize the site design based upon industry standard buying and conversion patterns. But we also get to know your business from the perspective of the owner and the customer. We design a website with that in mind. We have a unique eye to find the hidden gems about your business that might not be highlighted in your current website. Our Creative Director, David Curtis, is an award-winning designer. His corporate design style is clean, creative, and appealing. He has an eye for design and the devil really is in the details!

We Break it Down Two Ways

Full Custom Websites

Our full custom websites are designed from scratch. We create the layout of the entire site based on everything we know is possible. However, we use pre-deveopled plugins with very good support. We do this because creating custom plugins becomes a full time job in itself and we would rather concentrate on making sure the site converts rather than fixing plugins.

Semi-custom Websites

Semi-custom sites are built on a platform that allows us to do a lot of custom layout like the custom designs do. The difference is that this option is limited to what the platform allows us to do. We do not do a lot of custom coding in this option so it takes less time and costs less.

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