Website Maintenance

website maintenance

Why Pay Us to Maintain Your Site?

The second question should be “what am I getting for the money I spend?”.

Wordpress Updates

We Take Care of Frequent Updates

Over the last 12 months, there have been around 50 major updates published by WordPress core alone – those numbers do not include updates and security patches for plugins.

It has been said, that there is an average of 14 plugins per website.

With the addition of each plugin the risk goes up that with each WordPress core update, there is a least one or more plugin updates to follow. Sometimes when applying these updates, the website will break.

You’d hire an electrician to wire your house, right? If not, you better have a pretty good understanding of electricity! It is the same with a website – let a professional maintain your website.

website backups

We Back it Up!

Have you ever forgotten to save that Word document before your laptop battery died? Or have you ever deleted something by accident? How about making a change you wish you could undo? And what about “What happens when something goes wrong and the website breaks?”

Thankfully, we can back your site up for you! We backup the website prior to applying updates and prior to making minor changes. Backups are saved on an external server, so even if the web server goes down, we should be able to get your website back online quickly!

Restoring a backup can be quite an involved process. As a part of our website maintenance service, we backup the website and will do one free restoration if the updates affect the site operation.

Website Security

We Secure it!

Website Hacked? Infected with Malware? Don’t know? We can help!

After scanning the website for known issues, malware and evidence of being hacked – we can fix the site for you if necessary.

Keep in mind an ill-maintained website is more vulnerable to being hacked!

Websites get hacked for no other reason than “just because they can”.

Did you know? Malware can be injected into a website without affecting the website operation. The site can continue to operate as usual. However, if the search engines, such as Google, discovers malware in the site, the site can be banned from appearing in search results!

Edit Content

We Can Take Care of Content Updates

Don’t feel comfortable making edits yourself? Just don’t have the time? We can help!

As a part of our website maintenance service, we will make minor changes to the site; per your request. Need to add a new page?* Found a spelling error? We’ll fix it for you!

*Minor changes only. We have final say on what is considered “minor”. Subject to staff availability. 24 Hour turn around not guaranteed, but likely.

Can You Afford to NOT Use Us?

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